In order for horses to be documented, with the American Heritage Horse Association:


All fees, including membership fees  and registration fees must be paid in full.

The owner of the horse must be a member of AHHA, in good standing, or pay the non- membership registration fee, which is due at the time of registration.

To be in good standing a member must :

  • be current and have no outstanding debts to the association

  • have NO convictions for animal abuse or neglect.  Convictions will result in revoked membership.


The association reserves the right refuse membership.
Members of the breed association are considered active members. 


All forms will then be checked for completeness:

Incomplete forms will be returned to sender, who will be charged an additional administrative feeRegistrations numbers of antecedents and their colors, markings, scars and any and all defining identifiers must be included in the paperwork.

Paperwork that is in order is then sent onto the registrar for pedigree evaluation. 


 Pedigree evaluation:

There are no found horses. The Spanish Mustang population is finite.  Horses must have a 3 generation pedigree or have been registered,  prior to 1975 in any other SM/CS registries studbooks  to be accepted.  Those horses of herds after 1975 will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  

Pictoral Evaluation: 

Pictures are submitted to our 7 evaluators for assessment. All horses must be evaluated for conformity to the breed standard, either at 3 years of age or at the time of application for registration, if they are older than three years of age. Those who are not evaluated will not have their get registered . Horses, once evaluated and tabulated, will receive breeding papers, if they score 75% or above to the breed standard. Those that are not at breeding standard may ask for review or simply stay at recorded status. Videos may also be submitted in addition to the photographs.

 DNA Samples Submission:

All breeding stock must have DNA parentage filed with AHHA to have progeny registered. These samples are submitted to the University of Kentucky for analysis.

Progeny Testing:

Horses that are  marginal in conformation scoring, due to age, injury etc.  may receive breeding stock papers with progeny testing for breed type, conformation and uniformity.  This enables the aged horse, etc. to be evaluated for their ability to benefit the Spanish Mustang breed population as a representative of these heritage horses. These horses must have a minimum of 5 progeny of good type to be considered.

Steps to AHHA Breed Registration and Recording: