AHHA Forms:

AHHA Registraion form.

 This form must be filled out completely.  All photographs should be either emailed or on a jump drive to accompany the form.  Payment must be included.  Check, Money Order or Paypal (Go to the store link and pay there) 

AHHA Breeding Report.  

This form is due annual by December 31 of the calendar year for mares breed and stallion services. 


This form is used to confrim parentage. Sibling matches are done on a case by case basis.  Minimum parentage test is $35.00.  Sibling testing is $35 per sibling and there is no guarentee that sufficient allele percentages will be possible for confirmation of parentage.

AHHA Transfer Form

All owners and breeders are required to transfer papers at the time of sale. Papers then will be forwarded to the new owners.  Please fill out the form and send in the nominal transfer fee.  We require this so horses do no get lost.