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General Information
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About AHHA and it’s Policies


We are preservation oriented.  We will never knowingly registered a non- foundation bred horse  that doesn' t conform to our standards.  In the event that it happen the horse would be removed.


We intend to provide modern up to date services for our members, so that they may make breeding and purchasing decisions with the latest pedigree information.


We actively pursue scientific and historical research on our horses.


We require what no other 'mustang' registry does.  Parentage testing, The results are stored and the genetic material available for research.


We protect both our members, new horse owners and breeders by requiring parentage information.  We want the horse that you purchased to be the horse you have.


We are also promotion oriented.  We intend to promote the horses.  


We are a dynamic organization run by the members committee that is open to our members wishes.  Communication is paramount.  If you have a question we will endeavor to have an answer.


We are the first breed organization for Spanish Mustangs to actively support it's breed standard by having breeding stock evaluations. which ensures continuing  adherence to the breed standard and type for our horses.



Memberships renew annually on January 1 of the new year.  Those that  join as new members  during the year will have a prorated membership to bring them up to the universal anniversary date. ( It makes the paperwork easier thank you.)

DNA Testing

The founders of the American Heritage Horse Association feel that this action provides added security for the horses in today’s world.  The benefits are many, not withstanding the possible scientific study possibilities.

As of 2012, all breeding animals will be have their DNA logged.  All young stock will be parentage tested the first year of the program.  This encourages the growth of the program and correct verification.

1.  Points and Awards sheets are due by December 31st of each year.
2.  Stallion reports are due by December 31st of the calendar year.  Foals will not be registered without a valid stallion report being          turned into the registrar nor will the breeders certificates be issued.



Please see the detailed list on the registration policies.

Points and Awards Program

 The points and award program will be announced in March 2017.