Hair strands without follicles

DO NOT contain DNA

and cannot be tested.

Items you will need:


  • Plastic Ziploc bag

  • Permanent Ink Sharpie


1. Write information on outside of bag with indelible marker-

  • Horse's name

  • Your name

2. Halter horse. 

3. Talk sweetly while stroking mane (optional but makes for a better experience)

4. Wrap approximately 5 hairs around a finger, about two inches away from the skin. 

5. Give a sharp pull to remove the hair. 

6. Inspect the hairs to ensure the follicles are attached. 

7.Repeat step 2 until you have obtained 20 hair roots.

8. Place all hairs with the pulled end (root end) together, fold or coil and place in Ziploc bag.

9. If doing more than one animal, WASH HANDS before starting the next animal or use a clean pair of surgical gloves. This will reduce the risk of cross-contamination of the DNA simple.

10. Before losing hair samples, place in large manila envelope with filled-in paperwork from the AHHA website, add check and mail to the Registrar.